Facial Trauma

facial trauma illustrationBy their very nature, injuries to the face carry a high degree of emotional as well as physical trauma. Our surgeons treat both intraoral and facial lacerations, broken facial bones such as jaws and broken or avulsed (knocked-out) teeth.

Treating facial injuries requires a special understanding of how the treatment will affect your appearance, and our surgeons are uniquely qualified to manage and treat facial trauma.

illustration of a knocked out tooth

Did Your Tooth Get Knocked Out?

If your tooth was knocked out, it is important to act quickly and do not wipe it off or clean it. Place it in a container of saliva, salt water or milk. Then get to a dentist or oral surgeon as soon as possible. The sooner the tooth is re-inserted into the dental socket, the better chance it will survive.

Types of Facial Trauma

If you’ve been in a vehicle collision, suffered an accidental fall, became injured during sports or endured a workplace injury, we can help.

Soft Tissue

If you have an injury such as a cut on the face or inside the mouth, it will be repaired with stitches. Our surgeons will take great care to ensure both the best possible cosmetic and functional results.

Bone Injuries

The goal of all bone fractures is to stabilize the broken bones. Facial bones cannot be casted, therefore, other methods are used for stabilization. Broken jaws are repaired by wiring or with surgical placement of small plates and screws, which allows for faster healing and a better recovery period.

Injuries to the Teeth

If you have broken or avulsed (knocked out) teeth, our surgeons can help you out.

Depending on the type and degree of injury to your teeth, other dental specialists may need to assist our surgeons to repair and save your teeth. If your teeth cannot be salvaged, dental implants can replace missing teeth.