All-On-4 / Teeth in A Day – Greater Omaha, NE

Replace an upper or lower arch of missing or failing teeth permanently.

All on 4 before and after

All-on-4  and Teeth in A Day are both trademark names given to a denture permanently attached to a jaw by four  or more implants.  

Our board-certified oral surgeons, working together with a restorative dentist can transform a no teeth or failing teeth into a beautiful smile with the new teeth securely connected to dental implants. These teeth are attractive, comfortable and function just like natural teeth.  


Patients are seen for a consultation where an exam and work up are completed to determine if the patient is a candidate for the procedure. The doctor reviews bone height, width and quality, space as well as gets the patient’s medical history. The oral surgery fees are discussed including payment options like Care Credit. The surgeon works with the restoring dentist and dental lab to create the new smile.

Typically, the dental implant surgery is scheduled in the morning at the oral surgery office utilizing I.V. Sedation. The oral surgeon will typically place 4 or more dental implants.

Following surgery the patient goes to the restorative dentist’s office to have their new full arch of teeth secured to the dental implants.

Patients are asked to take 2-3 days off of work for recovery, however many resume normal activities in less time.

Teeth in a day vs. Dentures

Before the All-On-4 dental implant procedure, the most common treatment for those with few or no teeth is a denture. Full dentures have many problems including: the inability to taste and chew food, slurred speech, denture sores and loss of confidence. Dentures also speed up the deterioration of the jawbone making it even more difficult to eat as time goes by. Teeth in 1 Day eliminates the all the problems of removable dentures. Studies show that a denture-wearing patient has only 10-20% of normal chewing ability but the Teeth in 1 Day solution provides 90% of normal chewing ability.  Speech is improved, and confidence is regained. 

 All on 4 graphic